The Do’s and Dont’s of Dating Chinese Girls

It is becoming more and more common to see individuals from two very different cultural backgrounds dating, especially when it comes to Chinese girls. Due to the country’s large population a great number of western men are opting to look to Chinese girls for dating and marriage.However given the fact that the country only recently opened itself up to the outside world it is still quite hard due to cultural differences for someone who is unfamiliar with the culture to successfully date Chinese girls.

Hopefully though with the list below you will be able to figure out what to do and what not to do when dating an oriental female.

What you should do:

i) On first dates Chinese girls appreciate a gentleman who is polite and attentive, However as you progress through the relationship you need to be spontaneous and exciting. Some Chinese girls appreciate the difference associated with dating a foreign man.

ii) Complement her. Before going out for social gatherings be it a date or otherwise Chinese girls put a lot of effort in their appearance. Thus complementing her will let her know that you appreciate this effort and earn you plus points where she is concerned.

iii)Take the lead. Usually on first dates Chinese girls are quite shy and reserved; of course this depends on the type of Chinese girl you’re dating though.

What NOT to do:

i) Chinese girls do not appreciate over-confidence in the men they date. Unlike with western women confidence will not win you any points. This is due to the cultural belief that modesty is a virtue in a man.

ii) Do not be too bold. While Chinese girls appreciate those random little naughty comments you should not assume your relationship will progress faster than she wants it to. The fact is most Chinese girls know what they want and how to get it and if that was there initial intention then it would have been declared beforehand.

Though some key points are covered here there are a lot of other cultural landmines that you have to watch out for when dating Chinese girls. The best way to learn more is to study Chinese culture as well as Chinese women.

Dating Can Be FUN~