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“Astrologically speaking, a 36 ‘gunn’ (qualities) match between two kundlis is a perfect pairing. Can online dating software even come close? Bhardwaj says the software isn’t designed to find you a soulmate…”


Move over pundits and planets. The science of match-making now revolves around artificial intelligence algorithms.

There was a time when the inauspicious presence of Saturn and Venus in the fourth house had the family astrologer fretting, as he searched for ways to finalize a matrimonial jodi. 

Today, the only kind of ‘shani’ techsavvy matchmakers like Josh Israel worry about is date-night Saturday. The co-founder of Thrill, a dating app, says his concerns are simple — can I set up a Chelsea football fan with a Man U supporter? Or will a molecular gastronomist hit it off with a vegetarian? But after a round of number crunching, Israel is good to predict a potential match. 

The science of match-making , which once orbited around pundits and planets, is being challenged by modern love gurus like Israel who have created dating apps that use artificial intelligence algorithms and data-sorting software to help decide whether two people are compatible or not. Match dating app

Apps like Thrill, Krush, Two Mangoes, Twine, etc draw information from users’ Facebook profiles and answers to pre-set questions – like ‘How will you spend a million dollars?’ or ‘What is your favourite dessert?’ — to determine individual traits. These, in turn, become the basis for finding a match. “We make matches based on personality traits, and not the time or place of birth,” says Rahul N Bhardwaj, creator of Two Mangoes, which has had seven lakh downloads since its India launch in April 2011. 

Rajat Rao, a coder-turned-Cupid who launched Krush on Valentine’s Day this year, says the core idea of Krush is to bring people with similar tastes, attitudes and levels of attractiveness together, while ignoring some differences to keep things interesting . Bhardwaj adds: “We ask for the immediate things that a person is looking for, say, vegetarian, non-smoking and outdoorsy.” 

More singletons today are putting their faith in software rather than the solar system. 

Saurabh Wadhawan, 27, says his mother is busy distributing his kundli to pundits back home in Gwalior. But the Bangalore-based software engineer has begun meeting women of his own choice though mobile apps Krush and OkCupid. 

“If a computer algorithm shows me a better match, then I will definitely trust it more than any astrologer.” Mihika Joshi, 20, was pleasantly impressed with the men Thrill chose for her. 

“They were all very decent, articulate and interesting,” says Joshi, a Delhi University student who was matched with five dates based on her interest in hip-hop , R&B and Italian food. 

Astrologically speaking, a 36 ‘gunn’ (qualities) match between two kundlis is a perfect pairing. Can online dating software even come close? Bhardwaj says the software isn’t designed to find you a soulmate. “We don’t find a Mr or Miss Perfect, but give choices that best match the user’s description,” he explains.

Nishant Shah, director-research at The Center for Internet Research & Society, Bangalore, says that over the last couple of years, researchers have been trying to figure out whether it’s possible to find the perfect algorithmic match. “But they do not really have anything more to offer than some refined search practices, which can show you a list of people who claim to be interested in or looking for similar things. Everything after that is down to human communication,” he says. 

Here, too, programmers have pipped the pundits. Anticipating the awkwardness of making contact, Bharadwaj’s app has template messages that serve as ice-breakers . “For example, ‘Hey, I think we may click. What say?’ is a safe pick-up line for guys,”says Bhardwaj, whose app has a 7:3 men-to-women user ratio. As Shah puts it, “The internet is not merely something that replaces older practices. It finds a way to augment them.”
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